Pepsi Raw Is The New Carbonated Soft Drink

Natural drinks like water which is added with flavor or sports drinks that contains vitamins, seems to be the latest fashion in healthy eating societies and by googling a bit you will know that how many companies are preparing to bite a pie of this making money band wagon .

Natural & Fresh Food & Drinks tracks the widespread take-up of the healthy eating trend, its active adoption by two-thirds of all consumers and how this has in turn created the large, fast-growing market for natural food and drinks products. As consumer’s attitudes and beliefs evolve the report examines how the latest market developments will create winners and losers over the next five years.

Interest of consumer in health is up around 80% as per a survey conducted on US and European consumers, they are also worried on health and food issues where as two-thirds have taken active steps to eat more healthily alone in the past year. Eating fresh food is the key this is believed to be important by a staggering 90% of people.

Increasing consumer interest in fresh food is not matched by more new product launches in fact while 7% of new products were marketed as fresh in 2000, this had fallen to just 4% in 2006. But since ‘fresh’ can cover a number of possible consumer benefits there are many ways of developing relevant products in the future.
From virtually nothing in 1980, organics accounted for 4% of new product launches in 1990 and 7% by the 2006. This remarkable growth in product availability is of course mirrored in the sales statistics: organics in the US and Europe grew from a US$18bn (EUR15bn) market in 2000 to US$32bn (EUR25bn) in 2005.

But the newest member of the healthy fresh food tend is the one that seems to be trend only up.  This includes mixes to add to your own bottled water, bottled water with added favor or carbonation, and drinks with added vitamins. A large assortment of calorie free flavors to flavor sparkling water to great taste is sold at

Even there are cola kings taking a plunge into market of natural product. Pepsi Raw is the new carbonated soft drink from Pepsi.   Pepsi Raw, a new carbonated soft drink that does not have artificial ingredients will be introduced by Pepsi Cola.  If you enjoy the carbonated cola drinks, you may want to try the new drink which comes from Pepsi UK and will be initially be available in UK only.

Staff members at the UK upscale pubs and clubs, where the natural drink is being released, are receiving training on how to serve the drink.If the natural Pepsi Raw stood winner in its areas (including seven major British cities), then the drink will make its market further in the whole country and in other countries too.  The seven cities where the carbonated drink can be found include London, Manchester, Glasgow, Brighton, Birmingham, Leeds and Liverpool.  Coca Cola will surely be watching to see if this natural trend is a success for Pepsi.
The fruitier flavor of Pepsi Raw is reportedly an excellent drink on its own or as a mix for spirits.  Hence, the release of the product in the clubs and pubs in important to the acceptance of the drink as a natural carbonated mix alternative.  The color of the drink is a dark brown compared to the blackish brown of a regular Pepsi cola drink.  Unlike the artificial-chemical-filled version of Pepsi, the natural flavored Pepsi Raw does not have the regular arsenal of artificial colors, higher sugar content and acidic ingredients that are contained in the regular Pepsi cola drink.

Pepsi Raw has such natural ingredients as can sugar, coffee leaf, natural caramel coloring, apple extract, grape tantric acid, natural gum Arabic and sparkling water.  In comparison, the ingredients of regular
Pepsi include high fructose corn syrup, sugar, artificial colorings, phosphoric acid, caffeine, citric acid and natural flavors.

With less carbonation, the drink does not have as much of a fizz factor.  However, the natural Pepsi raw contains nine fewer calories than the unnatural version, which has 126 calories per 300-ml can.
From more than ten years Pepsi has not launched any major new product.  The natural Pepsi Raw soft drink is a great new direction for the Pepsi Company.  If Pepsi Raw is a success, then Pepsi will be a major player in the business of natural carbonated soft drinks.